The whole journey of creating the entries has been a great and encouraging experience for the salon this year, it's really made some of the junior members of the team shine, as everyone can see from the quality of the entries that have been submitted this year, even after their short careers in the salon they have achieved amazing results, Go Burlesque !!

Adele Sullivan and Hayley Waters have again struck gold achieving finalist places in "Best Newcomer" and Creative Colourist " respectively. Being at the top of our game and gaining recognition for it means alot to a company like Burlesque, it really gets to the nitty gritty of the creativity happening everyday in our salons and is something that all clients can benefit from.

Aswell as the obvious PR that comes from entering and achieving a finalist position in a competition like this, we must not  forget it also makes all of our existing clients realise that their salon is the "right salon". Let's not forget the sheer  aspiration it gives to the junior members coming through the salon's training regime. One day it could be them wearing a finalist badge!