We're absolutely buzzing this month because we've featured on the cover (no less) of Your Hair magazine - one of the countries biggest hair and fashion rags.

Go get your copy today and you'll receive a free picture disk called '101 hot looks' - and guess who's number 1 - yep, it's us!! We're also featured inside with four more of our creations.

This all means that in the past year we've been featured in Hairdressers Journal, In Style, Hair Magazine and Your Hair, as well as reaching the finals of the Goldwell Colourzoom Awards (national and global), British Hairdresser of the year and National Hairdresser Federation Awards AND Hair Image of the Year awards. Phew!

This is a huge compliment to our team here, and is also down in no small part to our great clients - like you. If for some weird reason you're not yet a client, then please come in and see what all the fuss is about. We've got some great promotions for first timers - pop and and find out what they are.

And those of you who are already Burlesquers, we'll shortly announce great new ways for you to get deals on cuts, colours and products shortly. We'll shortly launch too a refer a friend scheme when you'll get rewarded for introducing us to a brand new customer.

Until then, thanks as always - and don't forget to go buy your copy of Your Hair today!