Do your blow your payday packet on looking good? A new TV show pilot is looking for stories in Newport! A show called PAYDAY popped into the Salon and asked if we could ask our customers whether they would like to feature on the show.

Here is synopsis of show and how to apply if you are interest:

We all play the waiting game until payday... maybe so we can pamper ourselves until we feel amazing, maybe so we can paint the town red in a great outfit or maybe just so we can give in to whatever indulgence takes our fancy! The rest of the month will take care of itself...

From Monday 10th June we want to talk to those of you who seriously celebrate when payday rolls around – who simply have to get their beauty treatments topped up or can’t wait to jump on the train and hit the club – people who live in the moment before they think about living with the consequences!

If this sounds exactly like you or your friends, we want to hear about it! There’s no obligation to be on TV, but we need your help in finding as many stories and characters as possible. Get in touch with your contact details at with e-mail subject Burlesque Hair Salon to get on the show!