The party period is looming and we are all starting to think about what we will be wearing, how we will accesorize and most importantly the HAIR!  If you look towards Chanel and DKNY, most designers are sending the models down the runway with glossy, sleek and ultra sophisticated ponytails.  Quick fix solution or style hero? We're thinking style hero and here's how to master the perfect ponytail..




  • Start with clean hair then work the products through the hair.  
  • Comb through a light mist of Joy Lotion then dry the hair with no root lift (paddle brushes are recommended to smooth out any kinks).  
  • Straighten the hair using GHD Heat Protector and comb the hair back into a high ponytail, on or above the crown, don't be scared to go too high.  
  • Finish with a shine spray, we recommend (Joico Shine Spray).  
  • The ponytail looks best poker straight, like a funnel.  


Wanting to unleash your creativity?  Why not add diversity by trying it with a quiff or backcombing.... be imaginative!!