We love developing new talent at Burlesque, and a massive part of our company spirit is built on bringing young talent through the ranks. To help them cut their teeth in the industry, we expose our Junior Stylists to all aspects of the work they'll be expected to undertake when they become top hair bods.

That means working with models under pressure, with people looking on, knowing that their work will be scrutinised. It's something Burlesque are keen for all our up and coming team members to get a taste for, and something that really pushes their new found talents to the max.

And we're going to continue developing our young stylists - in fact we've started renovating the top floor of our flagship Newport to turn it into a working photo studio to really spark those creative talents. We'll post photos of the development in our blog and across Facebook as things develop.

As for the trainee photo shoot, the day was a huge success, and the shots will speak for themselves. Remember that these are trainees - some as young as 16 - we think it's a great achievement.